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    Training Description

 At Avalon Mist Arabians we strive to make our special Arabians useful in all aspects of the Equine industry.  Therefore, not only do we breed these friendly and beautiful animals, we train them under saddle.  All stallions, mares, and young stock are trained under saddle, and in basic ground manners.
   Avalon Mist Arabians now offers training to outside horses so that we can help make all of your special friends more enjoyable.  We use a very relaxed training method, similar to well-known natural horsemen and horsewomen.  We use the horses’ natural instincts to gentle, develop trust, and understanding.  The horse then has better ground manners while we are working with them and they allow us to ride.  
  We start horses of all breeds, but have a special affinity for the Arabian.  All training time and training methods are molded to the special needs of each individual horse, which allows for good continuous progress that keeps the horse happy and interested.  We train in beginning English and Western, bitted or bitless.  
  We are not a big training barn and pride ourselves on having one on one personal time with each horse.  Because of this we will only take on two, three horses at most at one time.  This allows us to concentrate on the horse, its needs, and make the best progress with each.

--Jennifer Ligon
Avalon Mist Arabians

*Jennifer Ligon has worked with horses all of her life.  The very beginnings were inspired by Roberta Ligon, her grandmother, and James K. Ligon, her uncle at Avalon in Sandy Springs, Maryland.  She took lessons for many years in the English discipline with the inspiration of them.  Her father, Steuart H. Ligon, DVM gave her the opportunity to have horses early on and along with her mother, Joan B. Ligon gave her the passion for a long and caring career with animals.  She started her experience with the handling of stallions and the breeding business at Windkist Manor, under Caryn and Mark Rogosky.  She then attended Virginia Polytechnical Institute in Blacksburg, VA, receiving a bachelor degree in Animal and Poultry Science with an emphasis in Equine studies and Large Animal Reproduction.  She has also devoted a large amount of time to the understanding and training of horses.  In her Behavior and Training class at Virginia Tech she was able to take on two horses when others had only one and taught them well beyond the imagined goals of her professors.  They, of course, were Arabians.

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Updated: 5/6/14
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