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Photography is now offered, by Photographer Jennifer Ligon.
Having good quality photos of our horses can make all the difference for both the large and small breeders.  Please inquire about having your horses photographed.  Examples of my work are found all through this website, as well as more if interested.  I have photographed horses in France and the US.  Please email me for details on an affordable photography session.

Avalon Mist Arabians usually has at least one rescue horse residing at our farm.  If you are interested in adoption of that rescue please contact me at tylerligon@aol.com.

REA MAAR HALIM (1993 - 2011) produced three incredible colts in 2008!!  His only intact sons are here and ready to carry his lines on with you!  Contact me for details.

Raj has moved!!  Check him out in his new home at Alif Arabians, where he is producing more Sheykh Obeyd Arabians!!

Raj has matured to be quite a lovely boy!

Please visit Avalon Rashiiq Najm at his new home and website in Belgium!

Avalon Daaim Zaakhir

Minnie and Zaak

McKenzie and Anubis

Mackenzie Bowen and Minnie Wallace, were Top Ten Winners in the 2012 Drinkers of the Wind Performance Challenge, Local and Open Division.  This national recognition is presented by the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse annually. The Institute’s primary focus is to save the Desert Arabian Horse through research, education and conservation.  The Desert Arabian horse is one of the oldest of breeds of horse.  In fact, it is the foundation stock of almost all other light breeds of horse.

Both Mackenzie and Minnie own and ride straight Egyptian Arabian horses which they purchased from local horse breeder, Jennifer Ligon of Avalon Mist Arabians (Shipman, VA).  Jennifer also taught both girls to ride and continues to work with them and their horses on a regular basis.  (On a side note, both girls have also started taking riding lessons with LaRue Dowd of Sprouse’s Corner Ranch.)  Avalon Mist Arabians breeds Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd Arabians, preserving the bloodline of the Bedouin tradition.  When asked about her breeding and training operation, Jennifer says that, I don’t want to breed just a horse, but a correct, friendly, caring animal, craving attention and whose passion, strength, intelligence, and devotion are unmatched.  The Sheykh Obeyd Egyptian Arabian is just that.”  This is certainly the case with Mackenzie’s Avalon Anubis and Minnie’s Avalon Daaim Zaakhir (Zack).

Because of their breeding, Anubus and Zack, along with their young riders, were eligible for consideration in the Drinkers of the Wind Performance Challenge.  Points were awarded based on class placing in recognized horse shows during 2012.  Susan Mayo, Chair of this Performance Challenge, commented that, “Although carrying children may not be as impressive as jumping high fences or finishing the Tevis, it probably proves the most important aspect of these Asil horses which is their wonderful temperament and intelligence, and their ability to realize when they are carrying precious cargo.”  She also praised Jennifer Ligon’s work with both horses, stating, “not only does this [award] speak well for their breeding, conformation and temperament, but it is also a tribute to you for going the extra thousand miles it takes to get a horse trained, conditioned, and ready to show.

AMA horses and their new owners!!
AVALON DAAIM ZAAKHIR is a 2005 Black gelding.  He is sired by SEAN DAAIM CH and out of FA NILE STAR.  He has the movement of a winning Dressage mount.  He will excel in many disciplines.  This gelding goes back to many wonderful horses such as; AK SIRHALIMA by *ANSATA IBN HALIMA, FABO, *TUHOTMOS, *FAKHER EL DIN, SAR FADL HALIM by *ANSATA IBN HALIMA, SIRECHO, and is double FA DAALIM.   SEE A VIDEO HERE.  Or Here on YOUTUBE
SOLD!  Congratulations to Minnie Wallace and Jim Myers of VA!!
Avalon Yasminah Asiil is now at home with Mary Fields of Texas.  She has 150 Endurance miles on her and just getting better!  Congratulations Mary and Yas!!  Read about Mary and Yasmin here! 
Mahrus Mist Asiil is now at home with Roger Morris of VA.
Avalon Doc Holiday is with Jim Myers of VA.
AVALON FADL HALIM is a 2005 Black Stallion.  He is a double FA DAALIM grandson.  This incredible stallion is very balanced with a long slender neck.  He traces to *TUHOTMOS, *FAKHER EL DIN 2 time, *ANSATA IBN HALIMA 2 times.  This stallion should excel in any ring and will become and incredible herd sire.  SEE A VIDEO HERE. with Quicktime.  Here with YOUTUBE.
*SOLD!! Congratulations to Gabriele Jamison of Michigan!!!
Avalon Hadar Sarig will be flying the Atlantic to meet his new owner, Carole Renault of France!
Avalon Anubis is with Jim Myers boarded with his friends, Zack and Doc, and owned by Jennifer and MacKenzie Bowen of VA! 
AVALON ANUBIS is a 2005 Black Gelding.  He is sired by BW IBN FAYDIN, a Straight Babson with extreme type and out of, ELIZABETH ALIA CH, a mare that proves to be an exquisite product of the BUKRA lines, through ANSATA EL SHERIF, who was bred to the outstanding broodmare SABRAH, who produced the U.S. National Champion mare Fa Halima, and three other National winners.  This colts dam is absolutely incredible.   SEE A VIDEO HERE.  Or Here on YOUTUBE. UPDATE!!!  Going nicely under saddle at the walk, trot, and canter.
SOLD!!  Congratulations to Jennifer and Mackenzie Bowen!
EZ Pass Hiker 2001 Reg. Quarter Horse Buckskin Dun Mare.  This mare is incredible.  She is a sweetheart, loves to be spoiled and crawled all over.  She crosses creeks, loves to move cattle, and has no spook at all.  Contact me if interested.  References are required.  SOLD!  Congratulations to Angie of South Carolina. A permanent home with Angie!!  I know you will spoil her, Thanks!

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