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Breeding Quality Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd Arabians

Avalon Daaim Zaakhir and rider Minnie Wallace and Avalon Anubis with rider McKenzie Bowen are Top Ten Winners in the 2012 Dinkers of the Wind Performance Challenge, Local and Open Divisions!  More on the News page!

Breeding Philosophy

Here at Avalon Mist Arabians we are breeding to preserve the Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd Arabian.  All Sheykh Obeyd Arabian horses trace back to horses bred by Abbas Pasha, The Blunts, Ali Pasha Sherif, Prince Ahmed Pasha Kemal, Ahmed Bey Sennari, Khedive Abbas II, and the Royal Agricultural Society, under Dr. Branch and are able to trace all lines to the desert bred Arabian.

After researching many of the bloodlines and utilizing resources available to us here at Avalon Mist Arabians we continue to preserve and breed these incredible animals that these seven breeders worked so hard to preserve.  Guided by the strict breeding practices of the Bedouins and using our source bloodlines, we breed for a very versatile, athletic, conformationally correct horse that has the mind and soul of the true "tent" horse and shows the classic Arabian type.

Our pedigrees, many just two generations out of the desert, concentrate Sirecho, Ansata Ibn Halima, a touch of Moniet El Nefous, and contain a strong Babson influence.  After falling in love with the Babsons, we have included a Straight Babson stallion to further concentrate those lines.  Some of our mares also contain the prized Bukra blood that is so potent in producing that incredible Dahman head with extreme dish and prominent Jibbah.

On a small side, I have an affinity for Tuhotmos breeding, as my first love was the incredible El Mon Moniet, double Tuhotmos stallion of Caryn Rogosky.  In memory of this beautiful being, there shall be an element of Tuhotmos in the breeding program.

In the end we do not breed just a horse, but a friendly, caring, attention starved individual whose passion, strength, intelligence, and devotion can bring tears to anyone's eyes in a swell of emotion that can only be evoked by such a creature.

-Jennifer Ligon
Avalon Mist Arabians

If you might be interested in a pure Arabian that is able to perform in all aspects of the horse world, whether it be Western, English, Dressage, Jumping, or the best family horse and companion, you may be interested in a Sheykh Obeyd, Al Khamsa Arabian.  Please visit the links provided below to join in the discussion and in the love for these wonderful animals.



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